Flow Cells

Microscopy Flow Cells are designed for monitoring and evaluation of biofilm processes using microscopy and image analysis. BioSurface Technologies’ line of flow cells are all completely autoclavable and re-useable. All flow cells are compatible with confocal, fluorescent microscopy, and reflected light microscopy. Some models are also compatible with transmitted light microscopy.

Flow Cell Capabilities:

  • Designed to aid studies of biofilm development.
  • Optical glass viewing ports.
  • Autoclavable.
  • Single and Multi-Channel.
  • Suitable for most microscope objectives.
  • Stage mounts for upright and inverted microscope stages.
  • Completely re-usable.

Flow Cell Operations:

  • Analyze biofilm attachment, growth, detachment, and cellular interactions on a range of test materials.
  • Real time evaluation of biofilm processes.
  • Suitable for pathogenic biofilms and anaerobic biofilms.
  • Functional over a wide range of flow conditions.

BioSurface Technologies’ Flow Cells: